Thursday, 22 May 2014


Where to begin?
Been “off line” that long – at least “blog wise”. I’ve probably been spending far too long posting musings and trivia on that massive “book of faces” thing.
All of the non-running, non-jazz aspects of my life (i.e. “work”) has been pretty much “Double D, Double S” (Different Day Same Shite).

Running has had its ups and downs. Did the E2NB the other week and had one of the most unsatisfactory runs I’ve had in a long, long time. Basically setting off WAY too quick…… starting to feel the effort at about 15 miles and then spending the last 5 miles trying not to lose too many places to runners queuing up to pass me. A classic schoolboy error.

Lost my “mojo” a wee bit after the race to be honest. But you just have to learn by your mistakes, “pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again” (as Frank sings).

Saturday past saw me return to Falkland for the National Trail Championships. Never been a fan of “off road” running, but strangely enough this was one of the races I enjoyed most last year, so I was keen to get back. I can't understand why this race isn't much more popular than it is. Little over 100 male runners is not a lot for a National race.

I don’t quite remember the hills being as steep as they were! Even I couldn’t muck this one up….there is no pacing to worry about and “split times” are irrelevant. It’s just a case of bomb off as fast as you can, speed up until it hurts and then hope to god you can hold it at the pace for 9 miles!!

It was a damp, warm and humid day with a pollen count that was off the scale (am I the only one to feel it more this year?). Not ideal for an asthmatic with pollen allergies and I did find my breathing a bit laboured at a few points. With the effort I was putting in I was as they say "blowing out my arse"! Sadly for the Gala runner following me up the first hill this wasn't just a metaphor!

Happy to see that my time was only 5 seconds down on last years.

I will have to write again soon(er).