Sunday, 2 March 2014


Decided to forego my usual day of rest on Friday and head out at daft o’clock for a wee run towards Cramond (again).  Didn't go into the village itself this time, but just ran out to the “roundabout” and back. Made it about 11 miles, but ran it at quite a brisk pace (keen as ever to get back to the Arsehole Factory).
Saw Ray Harris on my way back – I assume he was on his way to uni’.
Friday night was the club’s annual “do”/dinner/prize-giving-type-thing. So it was a quick trip home from work….bit of a rub down with a damp cloth…and into my “finery”.
Much food was eaten and quite a bit of drink was had as well – though none of it by me. Food was “OK”, though I do suspect that the chef perhaps over stretched himself a bit and had to enlist some family members to help him out with the rice and sauce for the vegetarian option of sweet and sour – to wit - his “Uncle Ben”. When you've been vegetarian for about 29 years, when you hate potatoes (in all there horrible forms) AND you still think everyone else's steak and chips look better than what you've got - you know its bad.
The main event was the handing out of prizes.
I got a lovely shield for being “bloody minded and doing more championship counting races than anyone else" (or something).

Yesterday I ended up doing a basic 9 mile run.
Today though I was determined to do some proper LSD.
It was a beautiful morning. Not cold – just “nippy” and beautiful blue skies. Thankfully there wasn’t the wind that has plagued us for most weekends lately (perfect conditions for those of to Lasswade today).
Started off going out towards Oldhamstocks then home back through Innerwick. But on the last leg I cut down towards Aikengal and then did a u-turn at the farm and then home. Ended up doing 20. Not exactly a fantastic pace it has to be said (but that was never the point).

Five weeks today to the marathon … so runs like that (or better) at least every weekend have got to be my target.
Thinking about doing the KB5 next Saturday so my LSD will have to be Sunday next week as well.
This logo is better than the one on our club vests!!

Brian and James share a candlelit moment.

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