Saturday, 8 February 2014


Out for a wee walk on Friday at lunchtime - it's nice to get some "fresh" air into the lungs and some clear space into the head after a morning in the Arsehole Factory.
Anyway. We (I was with Mr Brown) were headed down Leith Walk when we noticed that "Elvis Shakespeare" had an offer on - 25% off all CDs. Not my favorite second had shop in Edinburgh and their jazz selection is limited to say the least ... but it's always worth a look.
Came across a CD by an Irish tenor sax player, who I havent even heard of - Richie Buckley. But soemthing about the CD must have "called out to me". I had a quick check of the sleeve notes. Orlando Le Fleming on bass and Lew Soloff on trumpet. Both very good.
At £3 I thought it might be worth a punt (£2.25 once the 25% was off).
God am I glad I did!! The track "Waltz For Stan" was a bit of a clue as to Buckley's "leanings" (Getz obviously).
I was/am/will be a fan of Stan Getz. But obviously by the time I was "into" his music he only had a few years left. This album is so reminicent of some of Stan's later more "ballady" works. It really is like listening to a "new" Stan Getz album.
Possibly one of the most exciting "cheap" discoveries I have made in many a year.

I must seek out other works....

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