Monday, 3 February 2014


Trying to get the miles in.
Friday had seen me do a bit of a different run. Got into the Arsehole Factory at daft o’clock and headed off via Granton towards Cramond. Don’t ask me where I got lost or how I got lost – but lost I did get. The plan had been to run out there – a quick loop through the village – and back. But somehow I got lost in the bustling, busy metropolis that is Cramond. To be fair, coming from Woodhall anywhere with a street light is pretty “bustling” by my standards. The zig-zaggy line generated by my Garmin makes for interesting “reading”.Ended up managing to retrace my steps and got back to the factory pretty much before the Arseholes clocked in for their daily “grind” or whatever passes for “grind”for your average Civil Servant (I say “average” but in reality “average” is pretty much an unattainable, aspirational goal for most Civil Servants). Planned on 10 - ended up doing about 12.5

Did 16.5 yesterday. Conditions were not ideal ('twas a tad windy), but after witnessing the conditions that the “old folks” ran in during the National Masters XC Championships the day before at Hawick, I couldn’t really complain. Hats off to the winners on Saturday (obviously), but hats off to anyone who even ran in that – it looked completely brutal and for once I was fairly happy to be stuck in a wee room with my laptop “number crunching” the results.
Plan yesterday, in any case, was LSD with the emphasis pretty much on the “S” so perhaps getting buffeted and slowed down by the wind was no bad thing.
Did a loop that took me over to Oldhamstocks and back, so it was a fairly hilly route too. Please to see that my pals the pigs were thoroughly enjoying this weather and seem to be more than happy that their field is one massive mud puddle.

Thinking about doing a 5k trail race in Falkland on Sunday. Could be a laugh - BUT it's yet another day from the weekend spoken for, so if I do decide to do it I really will have to get out for another long run next Sunday.

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