Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Strange how quickly we become “reliant” on technology. Wasn’t able to run with my Garmin last night due to a bit of “operative malfunction” (I’d previously left it turned on in my kit bag and the battery had drained).
Now last night was just the usual “town run” with the club, and I’ve done it so often that I could just about run it with my eyes closed – though with my history of falls and tumbles I’m not about to try. I know where all the mile markers are and, using a “standard stop watch” I should have been able to pace my run. But without that all important “pace” reading and without those comforting “beeps” to confirm another 1mile lap chalked up I just felt like something was missing.
Strange thing is though, that without the information I think I maybe under estimated how I was doing and just kept pushing harder and harder.

It did help last night though that the conditions were perfect. A beautiful, still, clear night. Cold but not freezing. Unlike this morning’s Daft o’clock.
One of my usual routes – so nothing really different there. However, as I started there was a light spattering of rain, and as the run progressed it just got heavier and heavier and then..heavier still.
Today I did have my Garmin, and as the rain got heavier and heavier it kept telling me the same thing – “speed up and get out of this”!
By the time I got into the Arsehole Factory I couldn’t possibly have been any wetter. The only real downside of all this is that my little corner of the office now looks like Widow Twankie’s wash house.

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