Friday, 24 January 2014


Our 400(ish) meter track at Hallhill is in an appalling state right now. It’s lumpy, uneven, muddy and generally bereft of grass in large patches. We still have interval training on it, though in effect what we are doing is the equivalent of trail running round a roughly 400m long sheep track – a sort of thin, bare, muddy line that at one time used to follow a white line in the grass. What used to be “the inside lane” now has the distinct feel of a shallow trench. It’s surprising that “Time Team” haven’t turned up to look for old WWI relics.

Still. It’s what we have…so we use it. And the effort put in to a session, if done properly, is just as great – so the rewards should be the same. Last night session was a fairly tough one (1 mile followed by 6 x 1000m) and it ended what’s been not too bad a week.

Managing to keep the weekly mileage up above 50 – which isn’t too bad for a working week, but I’m aware that I’ve got a marathon in only ten weeks – so I really should be pushing that up a bit and getting some quality long runs under my belt. Not always an easy task when you’re weekends are “spoken for” with XC races etc.

XC at Berwick on Sunday, so I’ll have to try and get a long run in on Saturday.

Got a few days leave that I have to “use or loose” before the end of February – so using one and taking a long weekend. Might try to get in a decent run on Monday as well then.

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