Sunday, 5 January 2014


Back to work at the "Arsehole Factory" tomorrow.
Ah well it was good while it lasted. 17 runs in 16 days and 172 miles covered.
Out this morning for a last hurrah - a 14 mile circuit of Burnhead, Pitcox and down towards the A1. Went out at my "usual" Sunday time of about 9. It was beautiful. Blue skies, crisp, hardly any wind and just a hint of frost on the ground. Weather that encourages you to get moving and get the blood pumping.
There has been a decided lack of cold weather this holiday. A shame really. Maybe sounds daft, but I like getting out and about when its like that.
Which probably means that my return to confinement behind a desk will probably coincide with a switch to bracing winter days.

Don't know what I'm going to miss most when I'm back at work...the chance of getting out a longish run - when I want to rather than when I can "fit it in" OR the "binge viewing" of Breaking Bad! Jeeze I've only got another six episodes to go and that's it. Six more - cant I stay off work for another day or two?

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