Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Getting back into a “normal” groove. Returned to the Arsehole Factory to find it pretty much the same as it was when I left it before Christmas. The only slight change being that the canteen is a heck of a lot quieter in the mornings and the piles of scones on display are a bit higher – this I put down to all the office fatties (of which there are plenty) being on “New Year resolutions” at the moment. I’ll give it two weeks and then it’ll be back to normal.

Getting up to the sound of the alarm going off at insane o’clock isn’t filling me with joy, but getting out for an early morning run again is quite nice.

Yesterday saw me off towards Seafield and a return trip that took in what accounts for the first part of the Portobello Promathon. A strange experience running along there so soon after the race (sadly the pace wasn’t matched).

This morning I decided to head out by the Water of Leith and down towards Granton. It can be quite nice going along by the Water of Leith cycle way in the early hours. Quite a lot of cyclists, a fair amount of other runners and a few dog walkers. Generaly try to acknowledge the other runners with a wee "hello" (pace allowing - if I'm really tonking along and out of breath I might just manage a wee wave).

While I’m still fitting in runs the mileage will [sadly] be down a bit this week. Going to try and keep it at at least 50 a week though. Whats left of January and a good bit of February is rapidly filling up with "commitments" that will keep me away from long runs at the weekends. Have to try and just fit in long un's where I can.


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