Sunday, 15 December 2013


Well. My plan to take the pace down a bit has been thrown a helping hand this weekend. In the form of gales - "howlin' gales" to be precise!
Oh Lordy. Yesterday's run was the worst - only a nine miler but the route I had [foolishly] chosen saw me head out with the wind in my back - nice. Only to then turn and face four and a bit miles of slow, ponderous, drudgery as I fought my way home - at time I felt as though I was running on the spot. Should have tried to head out into the wind then try to get the wind in my back for the return trip!
It was also, despite the wind, unseasonably warm. I'd foolishly worn a jacket and by the time I got back I was cookin'.
The wind "peaked" yesterday though. So this morning's run - while still uncomfortably windy - wasn't quite as bad. Managed about 12 today.
The hardest part of any run in this weather is the ten yards from the shoe rack to the front door ...once I'm out of that section it's never too bad.

But I did say I would slow down a bit - so I shouldn't complain too much. Soon be on holiday and I plan to go out every day for about nine or ten. Give the weekly mileage a wee boost.

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