Sunday, 22 December 2013


Out for the same 11 mile run yesterday and today.
I'm a man with a plan at the moment.
The plan is simple. That's me off work now till the new year (6th to be exact), and I plan to go out every day for ten miles or so. No doubt Christmas day's run will be a wee bit shorter - but I'll just tag on a few miles here and there in the days before and after.
Not only does my "plan" allow me to [hopefully] fill my face over the festive period without too much damage, but it SHOULD mean that I will end 2013 having done 365 runs.

I've been very luck the last two days - I've managed to find a nice window in the weather to do my run.
Maybe a bit windier than I'd like but what the hell.
Weather forecast isn't exactly great for the next day or so but I'll just try to adjust to the conditions.

Decided today that I was going to take a camera with me on my run. There is a field about 5.5 miles into the run that is home to three [not so little] pigs. Every time I pass it brings a smile to my face.
They seem to be quite inquisitive and, I think, must associate "people" with being fed, as every time I pass they come trotting up to the gate.

Thing is there used to be four of them! But latterly? Only three. There used to be a really big one with ears that flopped over her eyes :-(

I hope all you people out there who are NOT enlightened vegetarians feel guilty as sin on Wednesday when your tucking into your chipolata sausages covered in bacon!!

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