Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Out today for 13 miles. Didn't do too well .... and the reason I didn't do too well was the very reason I went out for a bit of a longer run in the first place.
I had, you see, two options. I could go out for a bit of a run - or I could sit in the house and watch the endless feckin' rolling news reports about the end of the world (A.K.A "a bit of wind and rain").
Now. I don't want to belittle the plight of anyone facing Christmas without power. But FFS could the BBC be anymore over the top? Even the fictitious newsreaders in that bloody awful "end-of-the-world-disaster-movie" The Day After Tomorrow were a bit more calm and relaxed than the BBC.

Is it just me, or do the media have a tendency to "over egg" it these days when there is moderately bad weather? And just because this is all happening the day or so  before Christmas you'd be forgiven for thinking that it really is the end of the world. Doesn't help that with the usual BBC bias it all seems "so much worse" because it's happening "down south".

Anyway. Made running a bit more difficult today. Decided to head over by Spott, Burnhead and Pitcox before heading back up Starvation Brae into a head on gale. Once or twice I nearly came to a complete halt.

Still it felt good to be out fairly early. I don't feel so guilty afterwards as I loaf about the house. Got a few books I've been saving till the holidays and decided to make a start on the latest Rebus by Ian Rankin ("Saints Of The Shadow Bible"). Fantastic stuff.

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