Monday, 30 December 2013


Entering week 2 of the festive holidays and I'm getting pleasantly stuck in a nice sort of self imposed "rut".
Long breakfast while watching another episode of Breaking (min; 10 miles) and episode of BB. All the while getting down to some new and old favorite jazz tunes. Why can't it be like this all the time? About the most pressing thing I have on my mind at the moment is...will the postie deliver season 5 of BB before I finish season 4?

I say week 2 of the "festive" holidays but, truth be told, as far as I'm concerned the "festive" season is over. I can't really get into the whole two-day, tartan bedecked, teuchter inspired, hogmany fest that sees Scotland plunged into an alcohol dependent state of lock down. I't a crock of shite.

I enjoy getting out running at this time of the year. Though the weather, while never stopping me, hasn't exactly been kind this year. We seem to get one calm, blue skied day every three days or so. While the remainder are defined by wind and torrential rain.
I'm sure most homes, with two or more runners in, are the same but our kitchen seems to be strewn with shoes in various stages of "sodden" crowded round the heater, running jackets hanging all over the place and kit resting on top of the laundry basket for a while because it's even too wet to go in it!

I've been a bit "troubled" by a pretty constant sore head over the holidays. Nothing too bad. Just a niggle. Too much chocolate and coffee? Perhaps.
But then, I've also been having a bit of bother reading the subtitles on the telly etc.
God alone knows why it took so long to dawn on "spare" specs that I've been wearing for a few weeks are about 4 years and 2 prescriptions old (I sat on my "good" specs)!
Need to get that rectified soon. Do opticians have "January sales"??

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