Friday, 27 December 2013


Well that's the two day food fest it's time to get back into a more sensible regime.
Not easy when everywhere you look there seems to be jars and boxes of sweets stored away.
Ah well. Just be strong and resist (sort of).

Still managing my self imposed plan of ten miles a day. Finished my run today and the weekly mileage on the old Garmin had just tipped over into the 70 mark.. so all is well.

I love this time of year and I love getting into this sort of a routine. Long leisurely breakfast .... ten or so mile and cake ....then the rest of the day filled with getting myself acquainted with my new jazz acquisitions and reading.

Managed to time today's run so that I got caught in the worst of the wind and rain when I was about half way round. Is there a nicer way to spend a day off then getting soaked to the skin and frozen stiff? Well...yes probably, but if your a runner it's "what we do". Got strange looks from a crew of council workers who were out trying to clear a bit of flooding on a road down by Innerwick Castle (blocked drain I think). They were all decked out in their bright yellow waterproofs and boots. I came round the corner in a pair of shorts and a flimsy Gortex jacket and just ran through the patch they were trying to clear. Unusual though to find a five yard long, three inch deep stretch of "flooding" and their wasn't a BBC film crew to capture the horror - probably all too busy "down south".

We had a couple of weeks "break", while we caught up with some specifically "festive" DVDs and telly programs, so it's also nice to get back to our "Breaking Bad" fest. Now onto season 4 and looking to buy the last two box sets fairly soon.

Got a 10 CD box set of Paul Bley albums so I'm trying to get through that. It's a set of his work that he recorded for the "Soul Note" and "Black Saint" labels in the eighties and nineties. Nothing too "out there" in this collection.

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