Sunday, 1 December 2013


This is getting to be a bad habit.
Looks like this is going to be another Sunday without wearing [proper] clothes.
As is our want on a Sunday we had a nice long leisurely breakfast. A nice blend of filling my face with croissants....looking at the Sunday paper ...and watching another episode of Breaking Bad. We're now half way through season 3 of BB and I am absolutely gripped! Am I the only one who's favorite character is Hank, the brother-in-law DEA agent?
Anyway. After our BB breakfast it was a quick shower then into the running gear and down to Peebles for he third leg of the Borders XC.
Went for a bit of a warm up with Ian and I was all too aware of tree roots and slippery rocks along by the river. I was, to be truthful, a bit nervous about the wisdom of doing this run. But, as so often happens, once you actually get into the race your mind just "closes down" on negative stuff like that and you get on with it.
An absolutely beautiful route. A riverside trail that takes you along by a nice converted castle, a picturesque viaduct crossing, a few nice paths through the woods and a lung-busting hill! I was trying to run all the way up the hill, but when I saw the guy ahead of me was "a" walking and "b" pulling away from me, I decided "sod it" and just walked as well.
Perhaps one of the longer routes in the series at about 4.3 miles.
While I enjoyed it, I'm quite happy to leave the "lumpy runs" aside for a month or so.
Anyway. Had to hang around till the end to collect the results. Then got home and processed them and put them on t'internet.
So... Given it was the back of 4 when I finally got round to having a shower and as it was already pitch black outside I thought ..."what's the point"? A pair of joggies and a fleece it is. If I'm honest I probably feel more "at home" in running gear these days anyway.
Time, I fear, to slip into that dark funk that is a Sunday night before a workday!

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