Thursday, 12 December 2013


I’ve wondered, for some time now, if I am what you might call a “justified hypochondriac”. Quite often I “feel” as though there’s something wrong…and more often than not I’m correct.
I feel at the moment as though I’ve got some digestive “problem” that’s hovering about the periphery, but refusing to become “full blown”.
Other than a slight feeling of nausea, and one brief, but horrible, episode of projectile vomiting on Monday's run up the water of Leith it’s not really coming to much. I always thought that this norovirus didn’t really come in “gradations” – I thought you had it, or you didn’t – now I’m not so sure.
I am wondering though if it’s affecting the running. Not had a very good week. I’ve been trying to keep the pace down this week anyway but even so, I feel as though I’m really having to push harder this week (even to get round slower) and the heart rate readings are all a bit up. I have though been taking “sensible precautions” – I’ve been out running with a wad of toilet paper under my hat!
Whatever it is I wish it would sod off. Strange thing though is that it isn’t affecting my appetite much!

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