Friday, 6 December 2013


Got home last night to find out we were without power! Quell surprise Scottish Power’s robust and hi-tech infrastructure had once more succumb to ferocious weather conditions.

I’m not really sure about scientific measurements for wind strengths etc. but it seems that any time the wind exceeds the ferocity of a coo fartin’ up a vennel our power is off.

So, we dodged about a cold dark house for a while before tootling off to the club. It was the first Thursday of the month – ergo the clubs 5k handicap race. Something to look forward to.

Got down. Got into the changing rooms. Started to get changed…..

ARSE !! I’d been a run earlier in the day – only to leave my shorts out to “air” on the back of my PC. I forgot to pick them up before I left work.

Two choices were open to me. I could go “Spartan” and run around the greater Dunbar conurbation with my tackle out. Or I could help Frank with the time keeping.

Sad to say time keeping won out.

Got home to find the power still off. So after about ten seconds of consideration we headed back to Dunbar and the comfort of the Pine-martin for our tea.
At least when we got back I was able to boil water on the camping stove to fill a couple of hot water bottles.

Got up this morning….still powerless! Feck.

So early into work today to get a shower before everyone else came in.

Wouldn’t have felt so bad if the shorts had perhaps combusted and burned the arsehole factory down – but no such luck.

Yesterday was not a day to remember fondly. As for today? Well its not over yet. I don't hold out much hope for Scottish Powers latest estimate of power being back on by 4pm. I also have this deep rooted dread that when the power is off for any length of time it's going to "trip" and flood the pump in the sceptic tank....... NOT how I want to start my weekend.

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