Friday, 15 November 2013


Tried an “experiment” last night….. Still not convinced that my foot is completely “tickety boo”, so I thought I would try it out – encased in my Salomon’s – on Dunbar’s pitted, gnarly, lumpy, ploughed up, 415m obstacle course that passes for our 400m grass track.

Didn’t feel too bad. But I was aware of a bit of a niggle (which I’m not currently aware of when out on the road).

Quite a tough session too, consisting of 600m - 800m - 1200m - 1200m - 800m - 600m.

The idea behind such “testing” was/is that if the foot didn’t feel too bad then I might try the Gala XC this Sunday. Thing is though even our crappy grass track cannot quite emulate the type of terrain that’s likely to appear at Gala, and even pushing it at training you can never quite emulate the type of effort you are likely to go for in a race.

So.. still not sure what to do. My main problem is, is that if I miss Sunday’s race there is no way I can then “get in” four races out of the six to qualify.

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