Friday, 22 November 2013


Bit of a tough week (running wise).
All runs have been short(ish) but all run at a high pace.
The pace of Tuesday's club "town run" was set by Nick who went off like a bullet. Ended up being the first sub 39 of the winter - way I felt afterwards it can be the last of the season as well for all I care.
Last nights intervals was a bit of a change. Instead of the usual set distances we were simply to run at full-pelt for specified times (6min, 4x4min and 5x2min) with 90 seconds "rest" in between. Probably ended up running further (and faster) than a usual session.
The interval session was "enjoyed" by most as we were kept keen by the knowledge that we were going out to the Royal MacIntosh in Dunbar for a meal afterwards. And very nice it was too.

So.... Today I was off work - HURRAH!!! Even with my planned Christmas leave coming up I've got some days I will have to "use or lose" so today and Monday are the first of those.
I had planned to go a wee run.... but, as I say, all my runs this week have been pretty tough (all in my "Blue" or "Red" zones) so a bit recovery was in order and I decided to go for the "ultimate recovery" - do nothing.
But the time hasn't been wasted. We went off to North Berwick for a little wander about this morning and some rummaging in one of the charity shops there came up with a Mario Rosini album ("Be My Love"). An album of solo piano - mainly standards/covers but a couple of originals as well. Pretty nice stuff.

I've also been playing about with old technology today. I've got a pretty old netbook that has been running Windows like a broken pram. Other than drag it along to the odd race for doing results it's been used for nothing lately. So. I took Windows off it altogether and I've installed Linux on to it. What a difference!
I'm not saying it's ultra fast - but lets just say the originally you could turn it on and then have time to make, pour and drink a cup of coffee ... now you'd probably just have time to fill the kettle.
If you have an old or slow PC I'd recommend it. Oh... it also comes complete with its own suite of software - and its Free!!

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