Tuesday, 12 November 2013


One of my favourite films of all time? The Italian Job. Absolutely love it.

Like most people I know the plot and script inside out and almost every frame of that film is an iconic image in it’s own right. The Quincy Jones soun
dtrack only adds to the overall package.

So it was nice, while out running along by the Water of Leith to see someone had paid their own bit of homage to the great film by “recreating” the final scene.

Obviously, being Leith it was a bit of a “low budget” recreation. Instead of the beautiful, twisty, roads of the Italian/Swiss border it was down by the old slipway near Coburg Street and instead of a patriotically liveried red white and blue luxury coach it was, as I say, a rusty old white transit van.

But the care that it had been ploughed through the metal safety barriers and then precariously balanced over the water’s edge was breath-taking. How the driver found room down there to even get the speed up to crash through the barrier escapes me.
For some reason, for the rest of my run (which had to be diverted – the police had the path under the bridge at Great Junction Street taped off) I ran to the strains of Matt Monroe singing On Days Like These. In fact given the look I got later on from an old dearie out walking here dog there was possibly some "seepage" from the old inner monolouge as it belowed out the lyrics of Days Like These!

Ended up having to run up by Ferry Road which was way too busy for my liking and the pace of the run did suffer because of it. The run was also shortened a bit.

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