Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Well. My toe is definitely still sore. Not “agony”, but sore.

It’s not too bad when walking…… I can feel it a wee bit when running….but it is very sore if I curl the toes in (the foot equivalent of making a fist, if you get my drift).

But as I don’t curl my toes in when running I’m hopeful that I’ll be OK on Sunday.

Might pack a couple of extra painkillers in the shorts pocket before the race (as well as a couple of Percy Pigs).

It seems to help if I lace my shoes pretty firmly (and I am guilty of normally keeping my shoes a bit too loose).

Certainly the runs I’ve done so far, this week, haven’t been too bad. As I say, it does hurt if I have to stop suddenly …. So the numpty cycling on the pavement this morning, who just about ran into me, didn’t exactly get a cheery “good morning”. If you are younger than, say, nine and have a little bike with stabilizers and glittery streamers coming from the handlebars you can just about get away with cycling on the pavement. Anyone else? Grow up.

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