Friday, 11 October 2013


This tapering malarkey isn’t really working for me. My weekly mileage, though down slightly, isn’t hugely different from the last couple of weeks, and the pace hasn’t seemed to drop that much either.
The “carbo loading” however, appears to be going well (in fact – I started that six months ago)
Still. I did have a bit of an “easy” night last night. As I’d been a wee run already on Thursday I offered to stand with the watch at last night’s interval session.

You’d think that simply standing there shouting times and words of grumpy encouragement to others would be a doddle – but it was bliddy freezing cold last night. By the time the runners were finishing their last lap I could hardly make out the times on the watch as it was shaking so much in my icy, wind-chilled hand. Have to see if the club funds would stretch to a nice eiderdown coat. Or one of those fleecy blankets with sleeves – the kind that fatties slouch about in when they are loafing about on their sofas and filling their fat gapping maws from a vast bowl of nachos resting on their fat gut while watching “Strictly” (as I believe it is known) on a Saturday night.

I hate “Strictly” with a white hot passion. I do not, have not and will not knowingly watch it. I would rather be forced to sit in a stuffy, unventilated room watching blow flies hatch from the wounds in a freshly slaughtered Labrador puppy’s head than watch that offensive bilge. I say “knowingly” watch it, however, as the BBC seems to be hell bent on pumping this televisual effluent into every program it produces. You turn on the radio – they blither on about it. You turn on the “news” – they blither on about it. You open a paper – they’re blithering on about it. Every individual involved in the production of this crap should have a petrol soaked tyre put around their neck.

I shall endeavour to take it a bit easier next week. Quite looking forward to a relatively “easy” weekend to be honest. A steady 12 miler tomorrow and then one leg of the East District relays on Sunday should fit the bill. Other than that, the weekend is reserved for getting acquainted with some recent jazz acquisitions. I shall not be watching strictly.

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