Friday, 25 October 2013


A slightly reduced session, for me, at last night’s interval training.
While everyone else was tankin’ around doing 800m six times I settled for half a dozen 400m. I always find it’s the Thursday interval session after a big race that the real pain kicks in and I decided just to half the session last night and hopefully half the pain.
My toe hasn’t been entirely comfortable since the marathon, but I’ve kept all my running limited to nice flat road surfaces.

Last night I wanted to try out my trail shoes again and I wanted to run on something lumpy and uneven …. So what could be better than the grass track at Hallhill? Dunbar should count itself lucky. There aren’t many running clubs with a track that can be used for both interval and cross country training! If only someone would come up with some sort of large machine for “rolling” all the bumps and lumps out of a grass area L

Anyway. The trail shoes were not too bad, but I’m not entirely happy with the quick release pull tight lace efforts. Think I’ll take those off and put on a pair of traditional laces instead.

Got the National Relays tomorrow and do not feel up for it all. Still not 100% after the race.

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