Monday, 7 October 2013


Saturday was the club’s annual “Doon Hill” race. As per usual I’d been drafted in to help out with Registration and Results.
Registration is quite an important task as it’s the race organisations equivalent of “front of house staff”. It’s the first person runners have contact with and your always keen to set a good impression by having someone cheery, friendly and keen to help.

Unfortunately we don’t have anyone like that at Dunbar … so I have to do it L

"Naw, naw...pre-entry only pal."
I’m usually set up in one of the smaller rooms in Hallhill. But this year, for reasons that are beyond my ken, they put me in a squash court. A large, sterile, cold, blank, featureless, three sided concrete box with a fourth perspex wall separating me from the rest of humanity. I felt a bit like Hannibal Lecter…
Still. Once the runners started to turn up it wasn’t too bad – in fact the space perhaps worked better than the usual arrangement… Which no doubt means that if we WERE to ask the Hallhill [mis]management  team for the same next time they would no doubt find a reason why we couldn’t get it and send me off to a small changing room or something.

The race went well and some pretty good times were posted. For those who want more details of the actual race please see the reports on Pete Buchannan’s blog and the club website (eyes right for the appropriate links).

Managed a wee 8 miler myself when we got home.

Yesterday was my last “proper” LSD before the mara. I had intended to do 24, but ended up doing just 22 (couldn’t be bothered tagging on an extra 2 I’m afraid).

East District XC Relays this weekend coming. That should stop me from doing any daft last minute LSD at the weekend. After that, it’s just the start of the dreaded taper.

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