Thursday, 5 September 2013


My weekly mileage is looking fairly good at the moment.
On track for about 70 this week.
I am missing my “daft o’clock” runs a wee bit – but then again I am quite enjoying going for a run later in the day. And it does seem to “unwind” me a bit – no bad thing.

Last night Anne had one of her massage appointments in Haddington. So I thought I’d take the opportunity of getting out of the car at Haddington and simply running back towards Dunbar along the side of the old A1. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe not the most adventurous or scenic route in the world and, while I was on the pavement all the way, there was a fair bit of traffic whipping by.

However, it was a really nice time of night. What little wind there was was in my favour and the evening sun was on my back all the way. With it being a "point to point" training run there was also the nice thought that every wee bit was getting me closer to home.
I love the light you get at this time of year. Everything seems to be much clearer and the views just seem to be sharper and more “in focus”. The views from about halfway between Pencraig and East Linton were amazing. The field that has the standing stone in it has just been harvested. The view of the stone, standing in a newly shorn field, with the circular bales around it and North Berwick Law in the background “almost” made the hard slog up towards Pencraig worth it. I ran the second part of the run cursing myself for not having a camera with me.

While last night’s run was aesthetically pleasing it was bliddy hard work on the legs. But that may have had more to do with Tuesday nights club run being a sort of multi terrain route, only slightly shorter than a half mara’ that was run at quite a pace.

Another good thing about a high mileage week? It is the excuse to fill your face with pretty much what you want (within reason). Last night’s tea was rounded off with a couple of scoops of Anne’s home made coffee ice cream. Brilliant.

5K handicap tonight at the club and then my first day off in two weeks tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

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