Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Strange few days.

Saturday’s run was another “trail” run up and round the windfarms at the back of the cottage. Second chance I’ve had to wear my new Salomon trail shoes and, now that I know where to “tuck” the flappy lace bits, I’m mightily impressed with them.

Sunday was to be a bit of a 20 miler with Ian R. So I got out the bike for the first time in months to cycle down to his house to meet up and start.
The run itself was quite good. A wee bit more off road than I would have done on my own – but all good training. While I generally like training on my own it is nice every now and then to get out for a longer run with a training partner for a bit of a blether. Being in company also encourages you to try and keep the pace up a bit when you might normally slow down a bit.
So the run was fine. But the cycle home? Oh dear the niggle in my left knee played up a bit. Quite sore. Luckily it had settled down by Monday.

Monday was a bit of a strange day too. I had to go to the Roodlands Hospital to get “fitted” with an ECG machine for 24 hours. I’ve had a couple of occasions in the past few months when my HR has “spiked” quite alarmingly (220) – and it’s NOT my HRM playing up – taking my pulse confirms the rapid fluttering. However, it soon plummets back to normal and I can get going again. Anyway. I had assumed that this was related to, or symptomatic, of my “issues related to a failure to keep calm”. But apparently no…the doctor thought this was "separate to" rather than "related to" those issues (reassuringly though; my feelings of hatred, loathing and contempt for Civil Servants are, according to my physician, perfectly healthy and normal).
Anyway. Got wired up with the ECG and was told to “go out and have a normal day” and that included “have a run”. Good show. But I was then told – “oh, but don’t get the machine wet – so no showering. And try not to get too sweaty..”
So… Go a run, but don’t have a shower afterwards, and don’t get sweaty. Not an entirely satisfactory mix that.
Monday’s run was therefore a steady 6.5 miles round about Innerwick with heavy grey wires dangling from below my tee-shirt (the box of “gubbins” itself was put in a  bum bag), all the while attempting to will my pores to remain closed. Needless to say the pores didn’t obey orders and issued forth sweat, meaning that a bizarre sort of stand-up sponge bath had to be taken after the run.

The box was removed yesterday and returned to the hospital. All I have to do now is await the results.
However, it did mean that I was completely unencumbered for last night’s club run. No more dangly wires.
Last night’s run…when we were joined for a nine and a half mile route by Andrew Crichton. Andrew was “taking it easy” which by my standards roughly equates to “eyeballs out” pace.
A very good pace and, regardless of what the doctors come back and say, if I can keep up with him there can’t be that much wrong with me …………………. I hope.

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Yak Hunter said...

Just saw this...hope it works out okay...seems like a good sign that you're feeling fine.