Sunday, 1 September 2013


It's the first day of Autumn today !! Yipee. 'Bout bloody time too. Summer is "nice" but way too overrated.
Anyhoo. It's autumn - according to the weather bloke this morning. But he then went on to add that it's only "meteorologically autumn" - in other words it's simply the start of a new "accounting" term for them. Still if one group of people are happy to pronounce the end of summer then who am I to disagree.
Certainly with the stiff breeze (a.k.a "a howling gale") this morning it didn't feel very summery when I set off for my 17 mile run. A nice steady plod round Spott, Pitcox, Biel, Into Dunbar then end the whole thing off with a climb up Brunt Hill. The "plan" is to doo increasing more every week during September and the first week of October and then have a little bit of a taper before York.

Went out our run today fairly early and then went out "shopping". For a wee while "we" (i.e. Anne) have felt that we need a new table and chairs for the main banqueting room. It's a bit of a shame really as the "old" table is only 25 years old and I feel quite attached to it. Over the years it's been not only where I sit to eat but was, for six years, where I sat, read, took notes and composed essays while I was doing my OU degree. If you get down and cast your gaze over the surface of the table you can see the faint indentations of my notes and "mind maps" that I've obviously written in too heavy a hand. Rather than take down boring old fashioned "linear" type notes, I used to sit with loads of A3 sheets of paper and a set of coloured pens - I would then, at the centre of the page, put a basic concept or idea I wanted to remember and then notes would flow from it in separate boxes linked with various lines and arrows, they in turn would branch out and inter link. Seemed to work.
Top tip: If you think there is even the remotest possibility that you suffer, as I do, from early onset misanthropy then do not study sociology. It will only confirm what you already suspect - society stinks.

I've decided that in future I am going to forego my early morning "daft o'clock" runs and try to focus a bit more on evening runs - even if that involves the wearing of a head torch pretty soon.
A recent discussion with my physician persuaded me that I was having "issues with the retention of my usual calm and placid nature". I shall therefore be running at night in the hope that it shifts the cares and woes of the day from me, leaving me more approachable to those I actually like and care about. Rather than waste my daily dose of endorphin charged post run good humour and jollity in the mornings with a bunch of bloody civil servants.

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