Thursday, 26 September 2013


Few things in life are better than a day off work at [relatively] short notice.
And that happy place is exactly where I find myself today. We're getting some stuff delivered to the house - somebody has to be in - it can't be Anne - and I don't need too much persuasion to keep clear of my work.
Anyway. Thought I'd take advantage of the time - and the nice weather and head out early for about 14 miles.
Decided, yet again, to give the Salomon's a spin and headed off through the Lammermuirs for a bit. Set off at 7 o'clock.
Quite cold when I set off and I was happy with my decision to wear a long sleeved top for the first time in ages.
My run took me down and through a couple of small dips and valleys and it was fascinating to look down and see mist settling in the dips. You feel the sudden "dip" in the temperature as you run down into it and then when you come back out the other side it's amazing to suddenly find yourself in bright warmish sunshine again.
About half way I had to stop for a minute or two as a sheppard on a quad bike was moving a flock of sheep from one field to another. Fairs fair - he is out working while I'm just out playing. It did mean that when I got going again I had a bit of a "hill start" but nothing too onerous.
And, other than the bloke, his dogs and his flock of sheep, I saw no one for the whole time I was out.
Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, absolute peace and quiet - the complete antithesis of work.
For what was really quite a hilly trail run I was happy with the pace and the way I felt.

I shall spend a part of the afternoon making something special for Anne's tea tonight that'll be pasta then!!

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