Thursday, 8 August 2013

You must look like a big girl - It's the Law!

Three mile race last night.

Strange split times:
Mile 1: 6:13
Mile 2: 12:09
Mile 3: 5:30

Fairly happy with mile 1 – and delighted with mile 3. But oh dear oh dear, what went wrong with mile 2?
I’ll tell you what. Somebody put a sodding big lump of rock in the middle.
Yes. With splits like that it could only be the North Berwick Law race. An event I have a love/hate relationship with.
I love the atmosphere of the event. I love the support that is always out on the high street (especially as you come back through the park and onto Quality Street for the last sprint home). I love the fact that all sorts and all ages give this race a go, and I love the fact that afterwards a wee section of North Berwick in and around the Ship Inn and the chippy is pretty much taken over by runners for a bit.
But. I hate running down hills (not that keen on the "up" bit either). And for some reason I ALWAYS get cramp in my calf muscles when I finally get down off the Law. This year, to be honest, the cramp didn’t hinder me too much and only slowed me slightly for a wee while – rather than bring me to a complete halt, as it has done in the past.

Probably not a good thing to say to either conservationists types or “traditional” hill running types, but you’d think the council could build a nice gentle spiral pathway (or even better a road) up the hill J

Spot the Big-Girly-Wuss
I made my usual embarrassing “Princess Tippy Toes” type descent while orderly queues formed behind me to get by. Luckily I managed to pick it up a bit towards the end and clawed back a few places as well as a little of my dignity.

Anyway. 2 minutes quicker than last year’s pathetic effort.

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