Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Pree and Baird haven't left the nest yet (that I know of). But they are "growing up". Surely it can't be much longer till they are flying about.
They just seem to spend their day peering out over the top of the nest watching life go by. They are, at least, starting to look like proper house martins now though - they've lost that "fluffy" look.
Turns out that there was, at some point, three chicks. Anne was gardening the other day and found the remains of a tiny chick just under the nest. Ah well.....
Life at the Arsehole Factory is plodding on with its usual dreary, awful, inevitability. My quota of "peace, love and understanding" for Civil Servants still stands at "zero".
Looking forward to the next couple of weeks though. Not for work - but for running. Seem to have hit a bit of a fallow patch of late. I've been training (as ever) but not really had much in the line of races or events. But that should be coming to an end soon. I've got the North Berwick Law race next week, and them I'm planning on giving one of those Park Run thingummies a bit of a try - see what all the fuss is about. I've always been put of by the idea of "commuting" into Edinburgh for 9:00 on a Saturday morning just for a 5k race (do enough of that Monday to Friday). But in a week or so we are in Edinburgh anyway (for a food festival of all things), so may as well give it a go.
Then it's the annual HELP Carfrae Mill to Gifford run. Perhaps my favourite (not a) race that there is.
A beautiful ten mile course with just the right amount of hills and trails in it (for my liking) - and at a perfect time of the year. Late Summer - Autumn's just around the corner !!

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