Thursday, 18 July 2013


The worlds cameras are presently turned towards Muirfield as millions of middle aged, badly dressed men sit affront their tv sets to watch *ahem* “sport”.

The cameras were in the wrong place. Yesterday the real sporting action was taking place at the oldest golf club in the world  in Musselburgh as twenty-odd athletes set forth on the second leg of the East Lothian Summer Series 5k races (or should that be twenty “odd” athletes.)

Something funny about that boy third from the right.....
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the old course in Musselburgh and it was the first time I’ve seen the new “clubhouse”. The changing and showering facilities that we got to use were excellent. AND they had changing and showering for women too!! A golf course that even our beloved First Minister would approve of.

The route for the course was a beautiful, flat, loop of the ash lagoons that also took in a wee “mini-loop” of a nice nature reserve pond, where some folks were out kayaking. It was a perfect summers scene.

As for the race? Well the heat took its toll (on me at least). I felt like I was struggling from the word “go” (although to be fair that should be how a 5k is run). Rab Watson was on great form and I just dug as deep as I could in an effort to keep the gap “reasonable”. Despite my efforts though the gap just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Time was 18:35, so not too bad. The times are then given to Sandy Wallace who put them through some sort of number crunching spread sheet that spits out a %age rating based on your age.

This morning’s daft o’clock run was a sorry, heavy legged affair and by the time I go out with the club tonight I will have done six runs in three days – roll on tomorrows rest day!

On a non running, but slightly golf related topic… I’ll be over the moon when the Open is over. I’ve got tokens for Falco’s bakery that I’m itching to use – but Gullane is a no-go zone at the moment.

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