Sunday, 28 July 2013


Well. What a relief.
That unseasonable weather has finally given way to a more traditional Scottish "summer".
Pissing it down this morning. Absolute stair rods.
My Sunday LSD today was a bit of long soggy distance. The wise thing to have done would have been to hold off till a bit later in the day when it was forecast to improve a bit. But, as I've never allowed wisdom to play in any part in my decision making - why start now.

Trouble with wet days at this time of year, is that they are also relatively warm. Too warm to wear a jacket.
I decided I was going to be wet in no time anyway - so just set off in a tee shirt and shorts. My only allowances for the weather were an extra thick smearing of vas', and the decision to run without my specs (they'd only get rain splattered and useless by the time I'd been out for two minutes anyway).

Probably not the best run I've ever  had, but the rain did seem to clear the air a bit and it did feel a bit easier than of late (certainly a lot less humid).

Got to one point in the road, just outside Crowhill, where there were a few frogs or toads making their way across the road. I was, as ever, careful to avoid them. Just after Crowhill there is a section of the road that has recently been resurfaced. It's lovely..flat and smooth. It might be my imagination, but running on the new surface just seems so much easier.

Got home soaked through to the skin, but I enjoyed it. Running throughout the recent "heat wave" has been all good and well - but it has been getting a bit tiresome.

I mentioned that I ran without specs. Strange thing; I have loads of different specs. Distance - for seeing [distant] things in general. Reading specs - for reading (obviously) and even specs for computer/vdu work. I also have various bi-focal combo's of these three types.
So.... Why in the name of hell can't I find specs to wear that "work" when I'm cutting my toe nails??
I tried this relatively simple task last night and failed. The reading ones were no good - nails were not close enough and blurred (sadly my spine/legs aren't supple enough either to bring the foot closer). I tried the distance ones - my feet were blurry because they were too close! If I straightened myself out completely they were just in focus - but my arms were too short to reach. And for some reason the computer/vdu ones didn't work either way! Managed it eventually, but now my nails have a sort of serrated quality to them. Not the best of looks.

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