Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Oh lordy the weather!!

I don’t know about anyone else – but how the feck are you supposed to sleep when it’s this hot?
I think in the last four nights I’ve had about 8 hours sleep in total. If it isn’t the heat that gets to me it’s the little midge’s that swarm in through the, necessarily, open windows (the joys of living in the country next to a pond). Ended up the other night pulling everything out of a drawer trying to find my midge net hat that I got when I was supporting at the WHW. Could I find it? Could I f***. Ended up trying to sleep, lying on top of the covers with a buff pulled over my head. Middle of a heat wave in July and I must have looked like I had a balaclava on!!
Absolutely knackered.
I was up and about at about 2:30 this morning wiring up an external USB hard drive to my music system to start a backup of all my music – I thought I might as well spend my time productively.
Then when I did go back to bed and finally doze off – it was time for the alarm to go off!
Net result? I’m like a bloody zombie just now. I went out for a quick(ish) 7 miler this morning at daft o’clock and the temperature was already getting into the high teens.
I don’t know if it’s the net accumulation of all the sleep deprivation, the [relative] heat, or whatever….but my run pushed the old heart rate way over where it should have been for the pace I was doing.
I really shouldn’t complain though… at least I’ve “got my health” as they say. Unlike quite a few of my *cough* civil-service “colleagues” in the arse-hole factory. Quite a sickly bunch them. Never ceases to amaze me how many of the poor souls fall “poorly” when it’s sunny. It’s also amazing how many of them get sickly when it’s the school holidays as well. Shame.


For all those out there currently enjoying the mini heat wave “Sorry” but roll on Autumn.

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