Tuesday, 23 July 2013


We’re getting work done this week. New “fitted” wardrobes in the master bedroom. We had drawers and a wardrobe that fitted …. But they weren’t “fitted”. Apparently.
It seems that there was insufficient space for my collection of Armani suits
Anyhoo. We had to move the old furniture at the weekend all the way along the corridor and down the hall to the spare room in the west wing.
This meant I had to shift all my indeterminate “stuff” from the top of the old wardrobe prior to it being shifted.
That’s the problem with these new-fangled fitted things – there’s no place on top to fit your “stuff”. “Stuff” that doesn’t really lend itself to being placed elsewhere is all too easily just chucked to the top of wardrobes – that’s what it’s there for. What’s the point of having an 18” gap between the top of your wardrobe and the ceiling if you don’t then fill it with “stuff”??
So it was an opportunity to clear out some “stuff” – like my old Monopoly set that was last played when property actually was worth something. My old trophies for being “Third Local Who Could Be Arsed Turning Up” and that sort of thing. “Sponge  bags” (I don’t even have a sponge for gods sake), Head Torches and Bum Bags. I found a ten year old 4gb mp3 player up there, and a bit of piping from a septic tank (unused)!!
It’s the nature of “stuff” on top of wardrobes that it “settles”.
But the strange thing is … it “settles” in some sort of order to the likelihood of you wanting to use it again. You might only use your bum bag once or twice a year (well. If hill running and ultras aren’t really your thing you might). You will use it, then put it on top of the pile of stuff. But when you do come round to trying to get at it again? It’s somehow worked and wriggled its way down below the Monopoly, sponge bags and general other crap.

Anyway. Enough about the “old”. What about the “new”?. What a great day yesterday for a new arrival!! Couldn’t be happier. Oh yes indeed … my new pair of Saucony Guide 4s arrived yesterday.

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