Thursday, 4 July 2013


I’ve tried a little “preventative maintenance” on my road shoes. I’ve been getting a hole in the upper of my right shoe for about the last four pairs. It always appears just where my little toe sits… (do toes “sit” ??)

To be honest, it usually occurs around the same time as the shoes are probably needing replaced anyway. Normally within about three months.

But in an attempt to try and prolong the life of my shoes I’ve tried spreading a coating of “shoe goo” into the material where the hole usually appears (it’s already showing signs of wear on this pair).

It sort of “vulcanizes” the material. I’m hoping that even if it does wear through, the rubber solution will stop any hole from spreading too quickly.

First impressions are favourable. The solution is obviously flexible enough and it doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect of the “feel” of the shoe while I’m running in it.

Makes it look a bit daft mind. Looks like I’ve got an oil or tar stain on it.

I’ve had the same tube of “goo” for about a year now and it’s been used for quite a few repairs. Money well spent.

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Billy said...

Even by my standards, that looks a bit of a cowboy bodge-up! Still, I've managed to blag Peter Buchanan's old Hokas which need a similar repair, so I'll bear that technique in mind!