Monday, 24 June 2013


A small local church.

Rafi's deli in York - where they make up really good curry sauces
to cook at home.

Spent Thursday and Friday (and some of Saturday) in York - a wee bit of a celebration-  and, to be honest, just an excuse for a wee bit of time off work (which is cause for celebration in it's self).

Always liked York - I'd be happy to live there. Did most of the usual "touristy" things while we were there, but still found time for one run. Out along by the river, early on Friday morning, before breakfast. Really nice. Don't know if one run was enough to negate all the cake eating that went on while I was away - but every now and then...who cares?

No trip to York would be complete without a visit to those we hold dear and think of a lot - so I popped into Rebound records and was delighted that the owner remembered me again and apologised for not, yet, sourcing a rare Tommy Smith record I'm after. Had a good look round and came away with a few treats and had a bit of a nice chat about the later recording careers of some bebop stars of the 50's.....

.... oh. Visited Anne's mum too.

Back on Saturday only to head back down the A1 on Sunday morning, but this time on a bus in the company of about 14 other Dunbar Runners.
The club had a bit of an outing down at Alnwick to take part in the trail races. A choice of half marathon, 10k or 5k were on offer and the club was represented in them all.

I had opted for the half.
I have it on good authority that the course was really nice. I couldn't honestly say. All I know is, it was tough, hilly and there were quite a few cattle grids to be crossed.
For about the first 3 mile or so the half and 10k runners were on the same route, then as we got towards the "top" of a climb we parted, only for the half runners to turn a corner to find ...another bloody climb.
For about the whole race (other than the first few miles) I had the same runner ahead of me. At times we were about 200m apart and at times I would "reel it in" a bit to about 50m. Just for him to pull away again.
The organisers had thrown in a couple of "there and back" sections to make up the distance and these also helped by giving me an indication of where those behind me were - and therefore the impetus to pick it up where needed.

It's almost useless on a trail run using a GPS as a pace guide - your splits are all over the place depending on the terrain.

Pleased though with my 1:21:31 time and well chuffed to be first in my [newly acquired] category.


pb said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to the v50 category! A good race cat win to start with, well done!
Nice pics - Eagle Owl? and panoramas.

Stuart said...

Cheers Peter.
As for the new pics - guess who got a new camera?