Saturday, 15 June 2013


A pleasant twelve and a half trail run today.
Up and over by the wind farms, through the woods to Crichness ...and back (more or less).
Didn't even try to pick the speed or effort up. It was just a nice "take your time and smell the flowers" type run.
Only, smelling the flowers is the LAST thing I need right now. Don't know how other allergy sufferers are getting on at the moment - but I feel like I'm being engulfed in bloody pollen this year.
I don't know if there is one particular type of pollen that's going for me - or if it's just a heady mix of absolutely everything coming into flower/bloom at the same time.
I really don't want to ruin anyone's weekend - but the rain they keep forecasting might be a bit of a relief!
I'd probably be as well just sprinkling antihistamines on my breakfast cereal, instead of sugar, this summer.
Once I get into a run it's not too bad - but it seems to really hinder my breathing for about the first mile. After that? Tickety-boo. Well...I say "tickety-boo", it feels OK, but looks horrendous. I end up looking like some rabid lunatic with the lower half of my face covered in frothy, foaming, "nasal seepage". Awful.
But at least it clears my head. Then about half an hour after a run? Feel like my head is full of mush again.

Got new neighbors. Well. The next door neighbors are still there. This is a couple who have "moved in" between us and the next door neighbors. A couple of House Martins have started building a nest between our bathroom ventilation outlet and the guttering on our roof.
When I first noticed it this morning I thought it was a bit of mud that had somehow got lodged there (though god only knows how that would have happened).
But as I was watching, one of the House Martins came along with a bit of mud in its beak and added it.
We've watched the two of them flitting about.
Don't mind, as long as their building doesn't interfere with the extractor.
I will try to add a photo.

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