Monday, 3 June 2013


Did the Haddington 10k on Saturday.
First time I’ve ever done it – but then again it’s only been going for a few years. I’ve done the previous incarnation a few times (the “Haddington 5” as was) and always enjoyed it.
In fact, it’s very similar to the old five mile race. But where that used to do a loop in an anti-clockwise direction the loop has been slightly extended and now goes clockwise.
As often is the case at Haddington races the weather was really good – nice and sunny but, thankfully, not too hot (this time).
Trying to stop the 2 Edinburgh AC guys catching me!(didn't work)
Photo: Steve Pattison
Started off with a loop and a bit of the park before heading out to the short sharp shock that is the climb over Waterloo Bridge.  Your just starting to get a bit of breath back after the climb up to and over the bridge and your onto Cockmilane Brae – nothing too steep, but just enough to keep you working over your comfort level.
Get to the top and turn right onto a long, long straight that takes you past Colston Mains and over Colston Bridge. Had a couple of runners ahead of me at this point – but no matter how I tried I just couldn’t reel them in. Sadly the two boys, from Edinburgh AC, behind me managed to reel me in no bother! Tried to hang on tto them as they passed me but they slowly pulled away.
Back via Grant’s Brae’s towards Waterloo Bridge again. At the end and you get a nice slight downhill to try and pick the speed up again. Though the turn into the park and the last couple of hundred meters can be a bit cruel.

It was eyeballs out the whole way for me. Never felt comfortable and just tried to push it as hard as I could.
Chuffed with my time (36:08).

Not got a marathon till October this year, so I’ll start to worry about the really long training runs in July or so. Decided yesterday just to do 12 or so on the “trails” through the wind farms and then a bit of a detour through High Wood. The High Wood section was probably a bit of a mistake – jeeze you could just about see the bloody pollen clouds – never mind smell or taste them.

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