Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Last night saw us head off on a bit of on one of our longer/tougher club runs.
Through John Muir, up the Tynninghame road, down by Tynninghame Links then out on to the beach. Down the beach for a bit before having to wade over the Tyne and then across the muddy muscle beds at the other side before heading back through John Muir and back to Hallhill.
A “testing” 12 miles at a relatively brisk pace. Again, the run was actually just under 12 - so Ian and me just ran round the track at Hallhill till the GPS tipped over to 12.
A stunning summers night though. Exactly the sort of weather you want for a run like that. Saw a few other runners out and about as well as loads of dog walkers and families out for a stroll.
We always try to do that run once a year, and this is the earliest I can remember us attempting it. Conditions were perfect as well for the river crossing as the water barely made it to knee level – more often than not it’s lapping about your waist.

Had a premonition though that last night’s run was going to be something like that and the old shoes got packed in the kit bag before I went out.
Could be that the idea of a river crossing in a training run, a few days before the Traprain Law race just appealed to everyone. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed it immensely.
Tyne Sands
The run obviously took its toll though. Went out today for a bit of a five miler. Oh dear…the fuel tank was empty and the legs were just not playing by the rules at all. Obviously my small bowl of pasta last night when I got back and my two Weetabix this morning for breakfast were insufficient fuel. Felt crap today.

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