Monday, 17 June 2013


Quite enjoying going out the door every now and then to see how Charlie and Chan are getting on building their nest (“yes” – I have named them). Their progress is quite impressive.
I don’t know hellish much about the subject – but I do like watching birds.

Yesterday morning, while out my run, I saw a van parked in a nearby field along by Thurston Mains. Three blokes were unloading large baskets from the back. Maybe had about half a dozen baskets in all.
I knew what they were doing so stopped to watch, and was just in time to watch about a hundred homing pigeons being released into a beautiful blue sky.
Fascinating to watch them as they flocked together and swooped and dived for a few loops overhead before heading off for their destination.
A quick chat with one of their “owners” revealed that they were headed back to the Larkhall area. Probably about 60 miles as the crow flies (or pigeon if you want to be pedantic).
Great sight.

Not every encounter with birds was as exciting at the weekend. While I admire their house building skills I’m not too sure about the house decorating skills of house martins. One flew in the bedroom on Sunday morning and got into the spare room.
By the time I went into the room it had flown down behind my computer desk and was cowering at the back. Managed to coax it out and get it back through a window.
Chuffed with my skills I went downstairs to tell Anne that all was well.
I fear that my eyes may not be as good as they used to be. God alone knows how I missed it, but the bird had redecorated our room in a style that was “inspired” by the Maze prisoners of the late 70’s…… shit everywhere. If it happens again - I'm doing the same to their house!!

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