Thursday, 30 May 2013


Out for a meal last night …. And it was lovely. David Bann’s on St Mary’s Street.

Nice place. A vegetarian restaurant with a bit of class.
I’ve been to too many “veggie” places that go a bit too far down the old road of “eco-green-warrior, knit-your-own-sandals-from-organic-nettle-fibre”, type of thing. Where none of the cutlery matches and all the bowls and cups look like they've been "thrown" by a blind potter with no thumbs.

Other specifically vegetarian restaurants are often “type” specific – Indian vegetarian for example (not that there is anything wrong with that mind). This seemed, to me, to be a really good mix of styles. Something for everyone.

Not like me at all, but I actually had three courses, it was that nice. Highly recommended.

Though I did question the wisdom of doing a fast paced 6 miler at daft o’clock this morning. Less of a training run and more of a bit of penance for being a bit of a breedy gastard the night before! A distinctly “heavy” feeling to my run today.

Didn’t help that as I tried to pick up the speed at Salamander Street I got passed by a club mate going into his work (twice - he got caught at traffic lights) . No matter how bad you feel – you never want to let it show when someone you know sees you. :-)

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