Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Not a particularly fast club run last night – but a bit of a tough one.

We started off heading out for the first few miles along the sand at Belhaven Bay, before heading onto the paths through John Muir. I think I might have developed some form of “sixth sense” – I just knew that last night’s run was going to involve mud and wet sand etc. Left the new shoes at home J I don't know if it helps, or not, but last year I was getting into the habit of rinsing my shoes under the tap if I'd had them through salt water (they're wet anyway!).

Even the bit along by the A199 back towards Dunbar didn’t provide any opportunity for picking it up a bit as we were headed into a stiff wind for most of it (natures payback for giving me a helping hand on Saturday ?). Shame about the wind really – otherwise it was a beautiful evening (no doubt looking back it will transpire that that WAS our summer!)

Got back to Hallhill and the GPS was reading about 9.5, so me and Ian continued and did a wee loop of the football pitches, just to tip the total over the 10 mile mark.

The extra wee bit on a Tuesday is helping, and my weekly total is now over 60, which is where I really want to be at this time of year.

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