Monday, 20 May 2013


No. Not the sound of a roadie testing microphones at the start of a gig.
It’s me going up stairs at the moment.
When all is well I normally go upstairs two steps at a time. However, while my left knee is hunky-dory when I’m running I get a sharp pain in it if I go upstairs two steps at a time.
One at a time? No problem. Two? Pain. Result? Rather than simply adopt a one at a time approach I’ve started this peculiar two with the right one with the left approach to stairs.
Not that handy when you work on the second floor of an office and are going up and down stairs a few times a day. Especially when the stair well is open and in the middle of the office.
Probably look like a right nutter.

I’m still convinced it’s the quads and ITB that are the problem. Loads of stretches and strengthening exercises seem to be helping (coupled with liberal rubbing of the thighs with my “lucky” cats eye) J
Every time I pass the sports injury “clinic” in Leith I’ve used a couple of times I wonder if I should pop in and make an appointment, but my natural procrastination always gets the better of me.

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