Friday, 10 May 2013


Interval training is good for you. Apparently.
It is supposedly good for speed training. It’s good for improving overall cardiovascular effectiveness. And, or so they say, it’s handy for distance runners because it enhances your lactate threshold.

Oh. And it hurts. It hurts like hell. Especially when you are trying to do 24 x 200m’s.

Where you go 200m full out – then try to get your heart rate back down and your breath back within less than 45 seconds before you belt off to do it again. Then try to repeat that 24 times in a row. Actually, I stopped wearing my HRM to interval training a long time ago – the readings were just frightening me.

I’m sure last night’s session did do me good – but my legs felt like jelly at the end of it. And there was a slight feeling of achievement afterwards. Achievement coupled with a  sense of gratitude. Grateful that I hadn’t blacked out through oxygen depletion.

Yes indeed, Thursday night interval sessions – one of the reasons that I have Friday as my rest day (probably couldn’t run today – even if I wanted to).

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