Thursday, 25 April 2013


My iffy knee is definitely (well….maybe) on the mend.

Vigorous and frequent massage of the ITB and quadriceps with Anne’s obscene roller and my cat’s eye road stud appears to be paying dividends. Coupled with slatherings of Poundland "cooling" white Tiger Balm

Still get a little bit of pain if I go upstairs two at a time (as I usually do), so I’m limiting myself to one at a time.
Worryingly though, I get a sharp pain if I kneel down and try to get up too quickly. Solution? Correct – don’t kneel down and get up quickly J

I’m sure the really clever thing to do would be to continue with the massage – but rest for a week or two.

But, like just about every other runner, when did "clever" have anything to do with it?
If I don’t get out running I lose my happy-go-lucky, carefree, jovial outlook on life. Couldn’t have that. I also need to keep running to negate the harm done by my current fixation with boiled sweeties (what genius first thought of blending blackcurrant and liquorice??). I've also developed a bit of a liking for Lidl's bakery, giant cookies.
However. If I was looking for a reason to be happy I need look no further, today, than Googles homepage. Today is the 96th anniversary of the birth of the finest singer EVER.....

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mrfollowfollow said...

Try these exercises. You can't stretch your ITB so the roller will have little value...