Friday, 12 April 2013


Back to "proper" interval training last night. First time we've been able to use the track this year.
One mile warm up then 4 x 800m followed by 4 x 400m.
When I'm doing intervals on the track I always find the first 200m or so "easy". I feel quite fresh. My legs feel good, my lungs are not too bad and my heart rate is "manageable". I always think to myself..."if only I can get round the full 800m like this - it'll be great".
But then every time, without fail, I get to about 200m and the hurt just starts to pile up.
Enjoyed it though and the knee didn't give me any bother.

Keeping up the DIY massage though - even at work.
Obviously you wouldn't want to sit - or stand - about your office and massage your IT band with an obscene looking wooden "roller".
God no - that would be stupid.
So much better to use this.....

.... It's a road stud. A "cat's eye" if you prefer. Just like an old fashioned heavy glass paperweight.
Brilliant. Just the job.

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