Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Ended up doing my interval session on Thursday without my shorts on (Oooh-err missus).

Sadly I had left my trusty shorts in the office, to "air", on Thursday – draped over a PC to get full advantage of the warm air from the fan.

I saw a bit on the telly at the weekend. That bloke Paul Hollywood was talking about his dad, who would place "bun essence" near his baker shop's extractor fan – the smell of buns wafting from the shop would entice in customers. Based on the same principle, I often wonder if the smell that emanates from my PC will entice others to sporting endeavour. Can't say I've seen any evidence yet (it does however, bestow upon me a little more "private space" than is usual in an open plan office).


Anyway. I'd left the shorts on my PC…over a four day holiday. As luck would have it no one had stolen them. Sadly they had failed to combust and the office hadn't burned down. Pitty.


Not the first time this has happened. Think maybe I should leave an "emergency" set of kit in the car.

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