Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I have been bothered these past few weeks with a sore knee.
Or, to be exact, the bit just directly above the knee ... at the front. Especially if I bend down, or kneel down ... its quite painful when I stand up again. It wasn't exactly painful but I was also "aware" of it when going up stairs.
No bother when I'm running...that's tickety boo.
But, like most people who run, any pain - in any part of the leg - even when not actually running, is probably caused, in some way, by the running.
Did a bit of a search on the web and read loads of stuff about "patellofemoral pain". Now, for those who don't know, "patellofemoral pain" is a very complex term that can best be described as simply a way for GP's to define "oh - you've got a bit of a sore knee", in a way that sound knowledgeable and without us coming out of the surgery muttering away about "six years at medical school just to tell me that"?

So... I garnered all my knowledge about legs and muscles and tendons and stuff and figured out that most of the "fibrous bits" that connect at the top of the knee at some point link into the big "IT band" that goes down the outside of your thigh (see? who needs medical training).

I also know that you can (a) Pay a masseur/sadist/witch-doctor to "work on" your IT Band or (b) get a roller and do it yourself.

As (a) usually costs about the same as a couple of CDs and always ends with the statement "can you come back next week to part with more of your cash" I wasn't keen. It had to be (b) - But I don't have a roller.

So.... This obscene looking contraption (belonging to Anne !!) has been lurking about the house for some time now. It's some form of massage roller (so I'm told anyway). Decided to throw caution (and indeed dignity) to the wind and started using it a couple of days ago.
By Jove! It's working! Stand there giving the old IT band a good roll for ten minutes of so (from hip to knee) as well as the muscles in the front of the thigh.

Trying to do some stretches as well.

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Taylor said...

Does it have batteries?