Monday, 15 April 2013


On Saturday we decided to go along and have a go at the Pencaitland 10k.

A very low key affair – organised as a fun run by the local PTA, or some such, to help raise funds.

This was the third time we’ve been and I enjoy the route and the friendly feel of it.

As it was Saturday turned out to be the best day (weather-wise) that we’ve had so far this year. Beautiful conditions.

Turnout was bit down this year, but there were still a few people milling about the start and we had a bit of a natter with Steve and Jamie from Musselburgh before heading off for a wee warm up.

Again I decided to give the “zumba” warm-up a miss and just went for a last minute pit-stop.

As for the race? Well a bit of a novelty for me – I found myself in the lead from start to finish ! J

Never meant for it to happen – it just did. Maybe my surprising “victory” is the result of massaging my leg with my “lucky” cats-eye. Perhaps I should keep it with me and have a go before all my races.

The course was really good this year. Same as last, but the cooncil (or somebody else) has been clearing the paths and flattening parts of them. And, despite the crappy winter, there was only really one small muddy section.

The route is probably about 90% on foot paths with only a couple of road crossings, and at each of those I was lucky that there were no cars coming along.


Sunday – and thankfully it was a return to normal service with the weather. Went out for a bit of LSD in the morning. Only to get drenched in the rain and hammered by the wind… but at least it was warm(ish). Maybe Spring is on its way.

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Yak Hunter said...

Hurray! Well done.