Monday, 1 April 2013


.....of a white Easter.
OK it's not exactly Arctic conditions. But we have had at least a snow flurry every feckin' day of this holiday.
After a leisurely "holiday-paced" breakfast this morning I went out for a ten mile run.
Decided to go up by the Crystal Rigg wind farms. The works access roads were all fairly clear, but it did feel a bit weird running along the roads with large "banks" of snow and ice either side of the road - where they had been ploughed.
Gave the impression that you were running along a sort of bobsleigh track.

Managed about 37 miles over three days, so..... not bad. Now that the clocks have gone forward I'm going to try and throw a long run on a Wednesday night into the mix. Quite enjoy getting out straight after work. The alternative is sitting watching telly - and that's a frickin' joyless task these days. Thought I'd give that series "The Village" a try last night.... god alone knows the BBC have been bangin' on about for weeks..... That's an hour of my life wasted.

My consumption of "seasonal" bakes has gone from bad to worse. On Saturday it was Christmas cake. Today? Why. Mincemeat Pies - what else? The weather is Christmassy - so why not my diet?

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