Sunday, 21 April 2013


A beautiful morning yesterday. You could almost have been forgiven for thinking it was Spring.
As luck would have it we were off to Musselburgh to look at/discuss/order new fitted wardrobes for the bedroom ... It's all part of Anne's ongoing campaign of gentrification, to upgrade our place from "howf" to "cottage", a process I fear will ultimately end with the removal of the scruffiest thing in the house (me).
Anyhoo. Given we were going out, I went for an 11 mile run early on. Really enjoyed it. Pace was fairly brisk.

Today was to be a long-un, and by the time I got home the Garmin was just off the 18mile mark.
I'd decided I was going to go up and over the wind farms, through towards Bothwell Farm, down onto the Duns - Gifford Road then back up and over the hills via Harehead.
Decided to do this as I thought some of the hills I'd end up running were pretty similiar to the those of the "Heaven and Hell" half marathon - which I'm wanting to do next week.
Unlike yesterday though, this morning's weather was back to it's 2013 default setting of "shite". Wind and rain battering into me head on for about the first six miles or so. I even passed some snow still clinging to the hills in a couple of places.
If it wasn't for the odd, sparse clump of Daff's when you pass a cottage or two you'd be hard pressed to know it was Spring at all.

Got back from my run and managed to catch a wee bit of the London Mara' on the telly. Glad to see they had good weather for it. Usual BBC coverage (they never let you down) - as soon as the elite runners are finished it's straight back to the end of the bunch and the people dressed as hippos and what not's. I'm not saying they don't deserve air-time (they do), but why couldn't we get a bit more of the club runners coming in?
And as for Mo Farah running half the race "to get the feel of it" - not sure about that.


George said...

"Howf" !! with comments like that whae wid blame her

AMcD said...

Yep, we demand more club runner coverage on the BBC.